Since I started crocheting I learned a lot and I wasted a lot of yarn, time and patience just to have the expected results.

So today I am going to share with you a trick.

Happened to find many times the perfect pattern, so well written and so clear, but at the end, the final result ware a disaster.

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In time I realised that we are different and our way to crochet is different as well. Even more, we don’t have the same type of yarn as we are from different places with different yarn suppliers. Belive it or not, in crochet even 1 mm can count a lot.

Here is where it comes the importance of gauge. This is the most important think that you have to do when you begin a crochet item.

But let’s see what is all about.

In most of the patterns you will see the gauge information, wich is a number of stitches and rows, most often per a 10 cm(4 in) square.

I will give an example just to be more easy to understand.

The other days I posted the Men sweater pattern. In this pattern the gauge was 20 stitches and 16 row in half double crochet per a 10 cm/4 in square.

So, let’s say that we want to make this sweater. First we will make our gauge, with the yarn that we want to use and the proper needle. Pretend that our gauge is 15 stitches and 10 rows in half double crochet for a square of 10 cm/4 in.

Get your pen and a piece of paper because now is about math :).

Let’s see the difference between the 2 gauges.

Divide the number of stitches from your gauge to the number of stitches from the pattern’s gauge. Proceed the same with the number of rows.

15 : 20 = 0.75

10 : 16 = 0.625

We will apply this difference all over we have information about the number of stitches or rows in the pattern.

For example:

If we want to make the Men sweater in L size, the pattern says that we have to make a foundation chain of 116 stitches. We apply to this number the difference from the gauges.

116 * 0.75 = 87 – this will be the number of stitches for our foundation chain according to our gauge.

Then, the pattern says to repeat row 5 for 69 rows.

69 * 0.625 = 43.125 – so we will repeat row 5 for 43 rows or make 44 if you want. If the number after “,” is under 5 I usually rounded in minus, so in this case 43 in staid of 44.

You can use this method every time you have a gauge information in the pattern and you don’t have the exact measurements.

Hope I was well understood and this post will be helpful for you.

Hugs and kisses and can wait to share with you more patterns, tips and trick and a lot of other things crochet related.

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