Fall Colors Dress is a new crocheted garment that I will wear it with pleasure.

Every time I design a new crocheted item, I’m thinking on something I would like to wear. So, sorry if we didn’t share the same taste and fill free to use the contact form for any suggestions on what you will like me to design, because I would love to make things also for you, not only for me ???

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Fall Colors Dress. Free Pattern and Tutorial

You can purchase the easy printable add-free pdf pattern from here

The idea of this Fall Colors Dress, came to me while I was working on the Bat Wings Sweater.

I loved the shape and how easy is to make it. So, I was thinking that, maybe, this season we will see a lot of sweaters and I wanted something else.

About the design

The design of the Fall Colors Dress is very simple.

First we will work the top part, which is the same design and the same pattern as for the Bat Wings Sweater.

Then, after finishing the top part, we will start the skirt, working in rounds, starting at the bottom of the top part.

So basically we will do a sweater and then add the skirt.

Pretty simple, isn’t’ it?

Fall Colors Dress

Now, about the materials I used and some suggestions.

I used Scheepjes Whirlette, which is a 4 ply, fingering yarn. But, since I wanted to obtain a beautiful degrade, I worked with 2 strands of yarn.

Working with 2 strands of yarn, I obtain approximately the same weight as a DK, Worsted Yarn. That means that you will have a lot of option to make this Fall Colors Dress.

I worked with a 5 mm (H US Size) crochet hook.

You will also need 2 stitch markers, Scissors and a tapestry needle.

About the amount of yarn you will need.

You will need in total :

Size S – 1620 m / 1770 yds

M – 1760 m / 1920 yds

L – 1900 m / 2079 yds

XL – 2000 m / 2180 yds

XXL – 2130 m / 2320 yds

I calculated the yarn taking in consideration 2 strand of yarn. So basically I bought  twice more yarn than the length listed above.

To be more specific, for size S, I used 2.5 spheres of Scheepjes Whirlette Chocolate, 2 in color Banan, 1.6 in color Mango and 1 in color Mint.

Fall Colors dress

How I used the colors  

I started with 2 strands in color Chocolate, then when I finished the number of rows with this color, I cut 1 strand of chocolate and joined one strand of Mango.

Then I added Banan, working with one strand of mango, one of banan, and the last color was with one strand of Banan, one strand of Mint. So I had in total 4 colors ( obtained with 2 strands of yarn)

I divided the total number of rows by 4 ( the number of shades) and the result was the number of rows worked with each shade.

But feel free to choose your colors as you wish.

So, the pattern is available for sizes from S to XXL and is wrote in US (continental terms).

As I said we will start with the top part, which is the same pattern as for the Bat Wings Sweater.

Abbreviations used in this pattern

  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Hdc – half double crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • FPDc – Front post double crochet
  • BPDc – Back Post double crochet
  • St (s) – stitch (es)
  • Inc – increase ( 2 hdc in the same st)
  • Dec – decrease ( sc2tog – 2 single crochet worked together)


15 hdc = 10 cm (4″)

11 rows = 10 cm (4″)

The Final measurement of the top part are listed in the diagram bellow. The skirt will have the circumference of the bottom of the sweater and in length is up to you, depending on how long or short you want the Fall Colors Dress to be.

bat wings sweater diagram


Make the foundation chain (you can also start with a foundation double crochet if you want)

  • S – 76 sts
  • M – 90
  • L – 105
  • XL – 120
  • XXL – 135

the top part of the Fall Colors Dress is oversized, so it should fit bigger hips, but if you know that you have bigger hips, measure your hips circumference, divide the length in half, add a couple of inches ( 5 cm) and this will be the starting length.

Row 1

1 Hdc in each st to the end of the row. Ch 2 and turn.

For size S, repeat this row 4 more times (5 rows in total)

M – repeat row 1, 6 more times ( 7 rows)

L, XL, XXL – repeat row 1, 7 more times (8 rows)

Row 6 (8, 9,9,9)

1 inc in the first st (2 hdc in the first st), 1 hdc in each stitch to the last one, 1 inc in the last st. Ch 2 and turn.

Rows 7 – 44 (9 – 44, 10 – 44, 10 – 44, 10 – 44)

I worked with each color 14 rows.

Repeat row 6 (8, 9,9,9)

After 44 rows you will have:

S – 154 sts

M – 164

L – 177

XL – 192

XXL – 207

Starting with the next row we will continue working straight without increasing:

  • S – 11 rows
  • M – 13
  • L – 14
  • XL – 15
  • XXL – 16

Now it’s time to let a space for the neck. On this step you will need 2 stitch markers or 2 strand of a different color yarn.

For the neck we will mark in the middle:

  • S – 36 sts ( 59 sts left on each side)
  • M – 38 sts ( 63 sts left on each side)
  • L – 41 sts ( 68 sts left on each side)
  • XL – 44 sts (74 sts left on each side)
  • XXL – 47 sts ( 80 sts left on each side)


Fall colors dress

You can purchase the easy printable add-free pdf pattern from here

Row 56 (56, 58, 59, 60)

1 hdc in each sts to the first stitch marker ( make 1 hdc in the stitch marked too), ch 36 (38, 41, 44, 47), 1 hdc in the second marked stitch and 1 hdc in each stitch to the end of the row.

After this row we will start to work the back side of the top part of the Fall Colors Dress.

Basically we will repeat the pattern for the front side but in mirror.

So, we will continue to work the same number of straight rows as we did for the front side, before the neck opening.

S – 11 rows

M – 13 rows

L – 14 rows

XL – 15 rows

XXL – 16 rows.

Now to obtain the same shape as for the front side we will start, beginning with the next row, decreasing with 1 st at every beginning and end of the row.

We will do the decrease by making sc2tog in the first 2 sts and in the last 2.

We will work like this:

S – 39 rows

M – 37

L – 36

XL – 36

XXL – 36

Now we have the same width as we started and of course the same number of stitches.

We will continue with straight rows, without decreasing:

S – 5 row

M – 7 rows

L – 8 rows

XL – 8 rows

XXL – 8 rows.

And the top part of the Fall Colors Dress is done. Fold it in half and sew the edges.


Start in one side of the bottom of the top part. We will work the skirt in half double crochet, but working in rounds this time.

Round 1

Ch 1, 1 hdc in the same st. 1 hdc in each stitch of the bottom of the top part. Sl st with the first hdc.

Repeat round 1 for as many rounds as you want, until you have the desired length.

I made 12 rounds with 2 strands in Chocolate color and then 10 rounds with each of the next color.

Fall Colors Dress

After finishing you will have to make one cord for the waist. I made 1 chain off 180 sts and then 1 sl st in each st to the end. Make it as long as you need.

Fall Colors Dress

Then with a yarn needle insert the cord trough the sts in the middle of the dress.  Aa…..nd done.

Lovely dress !

Fall Colors Dress. Free Pattern & Tutorial

You can purchase the easy printable add-free pdf pattern from here

Hope you will like it.

Bellow is the video tutorial for the Bat Wings Sweater that will help you to make the top part. The Skirt is easy to make and I think the written instructions are enough.

Enjoy Crochet!


Fall Colors Dress. Free crochet pattern & Tutorial


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