It happened to me at the beginning and still happens some time now too: to find out that my chain is to short or to long then I need.

Until now, I used to frog the first row and then adjust the chain and start again. But this can be annoying if you work with a lot of  stitches or it happens second time too.

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So here I am with a little trick on how you can adjust your foundation chain without frogging the first row.

First, let’s say that after first row we find out that the chain is too long:

– untie the slip knot end the extra stitches and pull the yarn and that is it: a perfect first row.

If the chain is to short, insert the hook into the slip knot and with the end of the yarn, left over at the beginning of the chain start making your extra stitches. That is it: you fixed the issue without frogging the first row.

Bellow you will find a shirt video with how you can do this trick.

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