When you are a crocheter, you want your projects to be perfect.

Happens very often, at the end of one beautiful project still to find some things that aren’t as you wished.

Also happens to realise at the end of the project that is a mistake at the beginning of it and you think that project is ruined and you have to start all over again.

Here is a trick on how to fix this: remake foundation chain.

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remake the foundation chain

Let me tell you some problems that you can fix with this method:

  1. A mistake at the beginning of your project when you are about to finish the item and don’t want to frog and start all over again

  2. At the end of the project, after assembling all the parts, let’s say on a sweater, you realise that the sleeve is too long.

  3. The foundation chain is too tight and your projects are waving.

And maybe there are more, but those are in my mind right now.

Ok, so now let me explain you how you can do this.

First, decide on which row you want to make this procedure and be sure that the stitches are facing you on the wrong side (the stitches are bumping a little when they are on the wrong side).

Then, with a tapestry needle, insert the yarn trough the bottom of the stitches of this row, like you see in the picture bellow.

remake the foundation chain:insert the yatn

Go with the needle trough each stitch of this row and pull the yarn trough those stitches.

After this step, all you have to do is to CUT the stitches from the row bellow and pull out all the little pieces of yarn until you have the row with the yarn trough stitches as your first row.

Try to leave a long tail at one edge to wave in at the end.

All the hard work is done now, and you can start now to remake the foundation chain.

remake the foundation chain

How you make that? Easy.

At one end of the yarn that you inserted, make a slip knot and pull the other end until your slip knot is near the first stitch.

Maybe you also be interested in how to make the ripple double crochet.

Insert the hook in the loop, split the first 2 stitches and insert the hook underneath the inserted yarn, yarn over and pull the yarn trough the stitches and trough the loop on your hook.

Proceed the same between all the stitches to the end of the row. After finishing you have a new foundation chain

remake the foundation chain

You can use this method to remake foundation chain when you want to make your project shorter or if you want to actually remake the initial foundation chain that is too tight.

If you want to fix some error at the beginning of your project, after cutting the rows that you wanted to get rid of them, you have to remake those rows.

You will proceed the same as for the remake foundation chain method above, only that instead of slip stitch you will make the stitch of your project, in my case double crochet.

Basically you will start to crochet in the opposite direction.

remake foundation chain

And this is it!! No more ruined projects from now on!!

As you know, bellow you will find the video tutorial.

Enjoy crochet!!!

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Remake the foundation chain


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  1. Thank you that is so clever, a really good tip