Summer is almost over, but we still have enough time to enjoy the nice and warm weather!

I realized that I crochet even more during summer and this because I am feeling more creative with all designs and colors that you can play with. Maybe this is unusual because people tend to crochet and knit more during colder seasons, but you know what, yarn crafts are not just for winter.

There is not such much time since I started to sell my patterns on and I really love how many choices they have, from yarn, supplies and anything you might need to explore your favorite craft or to learn more.

Today, I will show you 5  Patterns which I love and which you can find for FREE on

It’s nice to have everything in one place and be able to purchase everything you need to make something that you like.

So here are my Top 5 Favorite Garment Patterns for summer.


1. Night Breeze Shawl

I love how airy, delicate and elegant is this shawl. It’s a perfect match for a “night Breeze evening walk. It’s mad out of simple stitches and I like the zig-zag pattern

2. Riad Tassel Dress

I saw this dress on Instagram feed earlier this summer and I loved it. It features bell sleeves, contrasting granny stitches, and bright pops of color. Designed here to be just above knee height, you can easily make it longer or shorter based on your preference! It’s breathable design works beautifully over a bathing suit, or on it’s own. The dress is worked flat for the front and back panels, and then the sleeves are added in the round. So, it super easy to make and you might want to give it a try.

3. Midsummer Night Tunic

This one is so gorgeous!! It’s made out of squares which means that you have an infinite color combinations to play with and make this dress to perfectly match your personality. It’s super easy to make it also: once you figure it out the square pattern, you just have to repeat until you have the needed amount of squares to assemble them into this gorgeous dress. This is something that I will want to make for myself!!!

4. Twin Lakes Top

This Top it’s a classic!! Super easy to make and I simply love the versatility of it. You can wear it with everything. It’s fast, simple stitches perfect if you are a beginner! If you still have some time until vacation, hook this up because you won’t want to go without the Twin Lakes Top!

5. Band of Colour Top

And last but not least, this colorful Band of Colour Top! I wanted to make one for the Pride Month, but I didn’t have enough time, but I am keeping the pattern for the next time.  Yes, even if I design my own crocheted and knitted garments, from time to time I just like to make someone else’s design. I found it so relaxing following a pattern and not have to pay attention to every detail to make sure that the pattern will work. Plus, I can learn a lot of stuff also.


And done! this were my top favorite Free Pattern that you can find on but there are plenty of them on their website! You just have to check it out and you will find something you will like for sure.


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