The Delighted Jumper deserves its name because this Jumper is a delight for everyone: a delight for the maker and also for the one who is wearing it. It’s super easy to make, only a few hours needed to have it done.

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Delighted Jumper.Free pdf Ddownload

You can download the FREE pdf pattern from here


With every design I made I try not to waste the yarn left and make something else. So, from this idea this Delighted Jumper came out. I had 3 and a half different colors skeins of yarn and I said to myself that will be enough to make a fast and easy jumper from it.

Also I wanted it to test the round yoke and the delighted jumper was the perfect project.

This Delighted Jumper is one of the garments I designed for Hobbii Yarn and you will find the pdf pattern on their website along with other designs that I made for them

About the design

This Delighted Jumper is a top – down sweater worked with the round yoke. We will start to work from the neck, working the yoke first and then separate the sleeves and work the body and sleeves individually.

It has an oversize design with a positive ease of 16 cm over the standard bust circumference.  If you want a closer fit then you will have to make a size down. For size S just make less rounds on the yoke part.

On the pdf version of this pattern you will find all the information needed with a final measurement diagram and the stitch count for sizes from S to 2X L.


Delighted jumper 

About the round yoke

The round yoke is not a big deal if you are paying attention on the stitches where you have to increase. The difference between a regular yoke (a square one) and a round yoke is that instead of increasing in 4 stitches to make the corners, we will increase in 6 stitches to make the round shape.

It doesn’t matter which yarn weight you decide to use. When you make your foundation chain you will need a multiple of 6 stitches and the to mark the 6 segments to know the stitches where you have to make the increases.

For example if we start with 60 stitches, we will increase at every 10 stitches.

Another tip to obtain the perfect round yoke is with every round not to make the increase in the same stitches. We will always put the stitch marker in the second stitch of the increase, but one round we will increase in the stitch before the marked stitch and on the next round in the stitch after.

In this way we will avoid having a hexagonal shape.

Delighted Jumper


Materials you will need

  • Yarn

Hobbii Happy Sheep wool power print or solid. in the download page you will find all the information about the yarn I used.

Being a chunky weight yarn and working with a 8 mm (L-11 US size) the Delighted Jumper is worked up pretty fast. Only few hours and it’s done.

Hope you all will enjoy making this and to be be even more easy I made a video tutorial that you can use it to make your perfect Delighted sweater.



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  1. Wonderful. This goes on my “to-make” list. Thank you for this well written pattern. 🙂