Rain Drops Sweater it’s a beautiful textured sweater that is so comfortable and cozy. Plus it’s fashionable and eye catching.


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Rain Drops Sweater

This Rain Drops Sweater is another pattern designed for Hobbii. I am so happy with this collaboration because even if it’s a lot of work  I can play with a lot of textures and types of yarn and also because it gets the best of me, putting my brain on work to create great designs and happily share them with you here on my website and on Hobbii Website as well.

The Rain Drops Sweater came out actually when I was reading the description of Hobbii Nature Organic Wool. They suggest to use 2 strands of yarn for a marble effect and instantly the idea of the color work was there.

Rain Drops Sweater

About Design

The Rain Drops Sweater is worked Top-Down using Raglan Technique. We will work first the yoke part and then we will separate the sleeves from the rest of the body and work the 3 parts individually.

Materials you will need

  • Yarn

Hobbii Nature Organic Wool. This yarn is so easy to work with and because I used 2 strands of yarn the sweater was worked up pretty quickly.  Using 2 strands I obtained a medium weight yarn, size 4.

Normal, in one strand the yarn  is in super fine weight category, size 1 and each skein has 50 grams and 230 m

Crochet Hook

5 mm (H US Size)

  • Yarn needle for wave in ends
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers (optional)

This pattern is available in 5 sizes Small, Medium, Large, 1X Large and 2X Large and is written in US terms.

Rain Drops Sweater

The Rain Drops Sweater was designed with shorter sleeves and waist length, but you can easily  adjust the length by adding more rounds then written in the pattern.


You will see when working at the yoke that is having an weird shape, because we are increasing with only one stitch in each corner, but you will see that will fit well on the shoulders when it’s dressed.

You can start with the collar or adding the collar at the end.

Being worked in this ribbed stitch, alternating 1 stitch in double crochet and one in front post double crochet, I didn’t added a ribbed band at the bottom of the sweater or sleeves, but if you want you can do that, it’s up to you.

In the written pattern which can be download for free on Hobbii Website you will also find the stitch chart for the yoke and measurements diagram. This Rain Drops Sweater has a closer fit, if you want to make it larger or a little bit over sized just make one size up or make more rounds on the yoke.

Rain Drops Sweater

I hope you all will enjoy this new design by Katerina and even it’s starting to be warmer outside, I think always will be a sweater weather for us, so why not have a new sweater pattern in your collection.

You can download the free pdf pattern from here.

Rain Drops Sweater. Free Pdf Pattern




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