This Winter Set came into my head right away after I saw this incredible yarn. This yarn was given to me by Katia after meeting some amazing people in a craft event here in Netherlands. When I saw this beautiful pink color, I knew that I will make something for my daughter, because she is now at the “Pink Age”.

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Winter Set. Crochet Pattern. With Beanie & Cowl

This Winter Set it’s the first pattern from the project “Knit & Crochet for Beginner”. I had this project in mind for long time ago and I am happy that I finally started.

Each month I will post here on the blog one super easy, beginner friendly pattern which will be knit or crochet.  I want to show  that crocheting or knitting can really be for anyone and anyone can make modern and cute thinks without having experienced skills. In this way crocheting and knitting will be so fun and relaxing without failing. :))

More, the PDF version of the pattern will be available for FREE here on the Website or on the other platforms.

So get your PDF, right away:


By the way, if you have any ideas about what to make in this project, feel free to give any suggestion in the comments or social media.

Now, let’s go back to our Winter Set pattern.

Materials you will need

  • Yarn
    • Category 5, Super Bulky
  • Needle

6 mm crochet hook (US J size)

7 mm for the brim

  • You will need a yarn needle for sewing the top of the beanie and to hide the ends
  • Scissors
  • 1 stitch marker

Winter Set with Beanie & Cowl Crochet Pattern


Pattern notes

This Winter Set features working in continuous rounds and slip stitch back loop ribbing.

You can find video tutorials for these techniques here:

Slip Stitch Back Loop Ribbing Tutorial



How to work in continuous roundsFinal measurements

The beanie from this Winter Set will fit following measurements. Values are in cm.

Beanie Winter Set to fit

Final measurements of the actual beanie are (values are in cm):

Beanie Winter Set Final Measurements

How much yarn do you need?

For this Winter Set I used Katia Concept Ultralight Merino which is a super soft and light yarn and was perfect for this set.

Winter Set with Beanie & Cowl Crochet Pattern



For both, beanie and cowl you will approximate need:

Winter Set Yarn amount


About the stitch pattern.

For the beanie we will make a brim first, using slip stitch back loop only pattern. After that we will continue by working in continuous rounds in single crochet until we will get to the needed high.

For the cowl we will work just in continuous rounds using single crochet stitch pattern.

Abbreviations used in this pattern

  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Sl st – slip st
  • Sl st blo – slip stitch in the back loop only
  • St(s) – stitch(es)


  • 11 sc – 10 cm (4”) (6 mm hook)
  • 13 rows sl st blo – 10 cm (4”) (7 mm hook)
  • 13 sc rows – 10 cm (4”) (6 mm hook)

Winter Set with Beanie & Cowl. Free Crochet Pattern

For reference, my model is 3,5 years old and wears a child size Beanie.



We will start with the sl st blo ribbing. For the brim I used a 7 mm crochet hook.

Ch 10 + 1.  You can chain more if you want the brim to be higher.

Row 1

1 sl st in each ch st to the end of the row. Ch 1 and turn.

Row 2

1 sl st blo in each stitch to the end of the row. Ch 1 and turn.

Repeat row 2 until you have in total:

  • Baby – 42 rows
  • Toddler – 50 rows
  • Child – 56 rows
  • Women – 66 rows
  • Men – 72 rows

Join the ends using sl sts.

Next, we will continue to work the rest of the beanie.

Round 1

Start the round from your yarn is and make 1 sc in each sl st side row.

Round 2

Continue round 2 by making 1 sc in the first st. Don’t make a sl st to join, at the end of round 1, just continue working sc in each st.  Mark the first st using a stitch marker to know when your round starts and to keep the rounds count.

Continue working like this until you have in total:

  • Baby – 16 rounds
  • Toddler – 17 rounds
  • Child – 18 rounds
  • Women – 21 rounds
  • Men – 26 rounds

To finish, sew the top stitches of the beanie using a yarn needle. Optional you can put a pom-pom.


The cowl is designed to wrap it twice around the neck.

Foundation chain

  • Baby – 80 sts
  • Toddler – 96 sts
  • Child – 108 sts
  • Women – 128 sts
  • Men – 140 sts

Sl stitch to make a circle.

We will work the same as we did for the beanie, in continuous round in single crochet.

You can make as many rounds as you want, depending on how high to be the cowl.

You can work:

  • Baby – 13 rounds
  • Toddler – 14 rounds
  • Child – 15 rounds
  • Women – 18 rounds
  • Men – 23 rounds.

To finish

Fasten off and wave in all ends.

And done! Hope you like this pattern and can’t wait to show you more of this Crochet & Knit for beginners project.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE PDF Pattern

Winter Set with Beanie & Cowl. Free Crochet Pattern






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