I open this new years crochet designs with my unique Thai Pants that I hope you will love them as much as I do.

2019 appears to be an year full of challenges and also a great year. At the ending of 2018 I became an Hobbii Yarn Group Friends  Member and I am so proud of this and I know that this is also thanks to you. 

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You can purchase the add-free easy printable pdf pattern from my shop here


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Thai Pants. Free Crochet Pattern & Tutorial


The idea of these cool Thai Pants came to me some time ago. I used to have one of these in high school (not crocheted off course) and I truly love them since they ware so confy and so easy to ware. So, I was thinking that it will be a great crochet project and a new reason to prove that crochet garments can be cool and with crochet you can do almost everything.

About Design

The design of these Thai Pants is pretty simple and even a beginner will be able to make them, with a little bit of patience. We will work 2 identical parts, with a little U shape space on the top (This U shape space will be the space between legs). The parts will be sew together across this U shape space and then add some strips that will be used to tied the pants around our waist.

About Materials you will need

  • Yarn

I used Cotton Kings Twirls from Hobbii in color jade for the main part of the pants.

This yarn is a 5 ply. fine (category Sport)  cotton yarn. For the upper part I use a simple 8/4 cotton (Fingering yarn) and it worked pretty well.

  • Needles

4 mm ( G US size) crochet hook

  • Tapestry needle for sewing and waving in ends
  • Scissors
  • 2 stitch markers

I loved working with Cotton Kings Twirls. Is a great yarn, easy to work with. You can find a lot of beautiful colors with many colors changing or just with a degrade shades. Plus you can also find on Hobbii a Twirl Deluxe collection which you might want to try. 

Hobbii Cotton Kings Twirl

Now, Doesn’t matter what yarn you will want to use to make these Thai pants (I recommend Fingering or fine weight yarn) you will approximate need:

S – 600 grams / 2400 m / 2600 yds (3 twirls)

M – 700 grams / 2800 m / 3050 yds (4 twirls)

L – 800 grams / 3200 m / 3490 yds (4 twirls)

XL – 875 grams / 3500 m / 3815 yds (5 twirls)


This pattern is available for sizes from S to 1X Large and is wrote in US terms.

To see the final measurement of the 2 parts of these Thai pants check the diagram bellow

thai pants diagram

As you can see in the diagram above, is pretty easy to adjust the measurement of these Thai Pants. Only measure yourself and you will have the right measurement and you will be sure that these pants will fit you well.

About the stitch

I used for the entire project half double crochet worked in all 3 loops, but you can use any stitch you want and if you will have different gauge just use as reference the diagram above. 


18 hdc = 10 cm (4″)

17 rows = 10 cm (4″)

Abbreviations used in this pattern

Ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet (through all 3 loops)

sc – single crochet

st(s) – stitch (es)

dec – decrease (sc2tog – 2 sc worked together)

Thai Pants. Free Crochet Pattern & Tutorial


You can purchase the add-free easy printable pdf pattern from my shop here

Ok. Let’s start making these pretty damn cool Thai Pants 🙂

Like I said, we will work 2 identical part. So, follow the pattern bellow twice.

Foundation Chain. Make the number of ch sts listed bellow plus 2, so at the end of the 1st row to have the same number of sts as listed

S – 145 sts

M – 159 sts

L – 181 sts

XL – 197 sts

Row 1

1 hdc (worked in all 3 loops) in each st. Ch 2 and turn ( ch 2 doesn’t count as a first st)

Row 2 – 102

Repeat row 1.

*If you want to increase the length of your Thai Pants make more rows here.

After completing the 102 rows we will make the U shape space. To make that we will work left side and right side separately. 

We will have to mark the bottom of the U. Use 2 stitch markers to be easier.

S – let 5 sts in the middle , you will have 70 sts on the left and 70 of the right

M – let 5 sts in the middle. you will have 77 sts on the left and 77 on the right

L – let 7sts in the middle. you will have 87 sts on the left and 87 on the right

XL – let 7 sts in the middle. you will have 95 sts on the left and 95 on the right

Thai Pant.Free crochet pattern & tutorial

Row 103

1 hdc in each st, until you have 2 sts left (1 before the st marker and one with the st marker). In these 2 sts make a decrease (sc2tog). Ch 1 and turn

Row 104 

1 dec in the first 2 sts, 1 hdc in each of the sts left. Ch 2 and turn

Repeat rows 103 and 104 for:

S – 12 rows

M – 12 rows

L – 13 rows

XL – 13 rows

Now, continue without decreasing:

S – 39 more rows

M – 39 more rows

L – 47 more rows

XL – 47 more row

*if you want your high waist higher, increase the number of rows here.

Thai Pant.Free crochet pattern & tutorial

This was the right side as your facing your work.

Repeat the pattern for the left side, only that this time you will start from the stitch marker and with a decrease. Follow the same number of rows as for the right side to have a symmetrical shape.

After that, add some strips on each side. I made the strips working 3 sts in hdc for 33 rows.

Well, this was it with the pattern of the Thai pants. Now, make another panel identical.

To assemble put the 2 panels one over the other and sew the edges of the U shape space

Thai Pant.Free crochet pattern & tutorial


And done. Your Thai pants are ready to be worn.

But, wait, here is a picture that will help you to figure it out how to dress them 🙂

how to dress thai pants

After following the picture above just warp the front side over your waist and tie it on the back, then wrap the back side and tie it in front using the strips you made.

And voila:

Thai pants. Free Crochet pattern & Tutorial

Hope you love them and at least be curious to try them.  As I said you can use any stitch you want. Can’t wait to see your version.

You can purchase the add-free easy printable pdf pattern from my shop here


Thai Pants. Free Crochet Pattern & tutorial





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