This SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version has been asked by many of you since I posted the SnowDrop Cardigan for Children.

Finally had the time to make it and I am so please with the result.

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SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version

You can purchase the add free, easy printable, instant download PDF version of this pattern here:


About Design

The construction of this Cardigan is very simple and similar with the SnowDrop Cardigan for Children.

Is worked bottom up, working the back and front panels in one single piece until armpit.

At the armpit we will split back panel and the 2 front panels and let a few stitches for the arm holes.

We will continue to work the 3 panels individually until we have the arm hole depth.

Sew the shoulders.

We will work then the sleeves and sew them to the cardigan.

Adding the collar and done.

Bellow you will find the sketches with final measurements.

SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version

About Materials

  • Bulky weight yarn, 12 ply, category 5.

I used Madame Tricote Paris, Tango in the color Cream.

*here I have something to add because you saw that the sleeves are in a different shade. Well, had the yarn for some while and when I was about to finish the SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version, I realize that I needed more yarn and I didn’t found the same shade.

You can try to work with 2 strands of 5 ply yarn, but you should verify the gauge

  • 8 mm crochet hook (L-11 US)
  • 2 buttons
  • some stitch markers or a different color strands of yarn
  • yarn needle for sewing
  • scissors

This Pattern is wrote in US terms for sizes from S to X-Large.

How much Yarn do you need

S – 900 m /980 yds/800 grams

M – 970 m/1060 yds/880 grams

L – 1050 m/1150 yds/960 grams

XL – 1110 m/1210 yds/1000 grams


9 sc = 10 cm (4 “)

10 rows = 10 cm (4 “)

Abbreviations used in this pattern

Ch – chain

Sc – single crochet

St (s) – stitch (es)

Inc – increase (2 sc in the same st)

Dec – decrease ( 2 sc worked together)

Skill Level

Advance Beginner

SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version

We will also add some pockets to this SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version.

With all these being said, we can start.

First, foundation chain.

S – 100

M – 110

L – 118

XL – 126

Row 1

1 sc in each stitch across, ch 1 and turn.

Rows 2 – 12

Repeat row 1

*if you want your SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version to be longer add a few more rows here

At row 13 we will start to make the pockets. To make them we will work the front panels and back individually.

First, count from the front panels:

S – 23 sts

M – 26 sts

L – 28 sts

XL – 30

Put a stitch marker in the last counted st.

SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version


We will start to work 1 sc in each of the sts that we marked, beginning with one front panel, then the other, and at the end we will work the back. For all 3 panels we will  13 rows. This will be the high of the pocket.

When working the first row on the back, we will add some chain extension at the beginning and at the end of the back side. These extensions will be the pockets depth.

When you start to work on the back panel, chain first 14 sts. Then insert the hook into the first st of the back and continue with 1 sc in each stitch until you get at the end. At the end of the round ch again 14. Ch 1 more and turn

Continue to work as normal, 1 sc in each st, including the chain, until you have in total 13 rows.

SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version

Ok, so we made 12 rows before the pockets and 13 rows for the pockets, in total 25 rows.

Let’s continue with row 26.

Row 26

This row will start as normal at one end of a front panel (depending in which side we are on the wrong side).

At this round we have to work together, the front panel and the extension for the pocket. In this way we will join the pocket with the front panel and we will work again an entire row.

SnowDrop Cardigan Adult version

You can purchase the add free, easy printable, instant download PDF version of this pattern here:


Rows 27 – 40

Continue working 1 sc in each st.

Row 41

At row 41 we will split the back panel, from the front panels, letting a few sts for the arm holes.

Count the sts and mark them to know how many sts you will have to work on each panel.

S – 28 sts for the front panels, 4 sts for the arm holes, 36 sts for the back

M – 32 sts for the front panels, 4 sts for the arm holes, 38 sts for the back

L – 35 sts for the front panels, 4 sts for the arm holes, 40 sts for the back

XL – 38 sts for the front panels, 4 sts for the arm holes, 42 sts for the back

SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version

Now we will work each side individual for:

S – 18 rows

M – 19 rows

L – 20 rows

XL – 21 rows

On the left side of the front panel let some button holes. I made them at row 13 and 16 (from 18) by skipping 2 sts and ch 2 instead.

After finishing with these rows we have to sew the shoulders.

S – 10 sts on each shoulder

M – 12 sts

L – 13 sts

XL – 14 sts

SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version

After this step we will start making the sleeves.


Make 2

Foundation Ch

S – 20 sts

M – 22 sts

L – 24 sts

XL – 26 sts

Row 1

1 sc in each st. ch 1 and turn

Row 2 – 4

repeat row 1

Row 5

Inc in the first st, 1 sc in each of other next sts until you get to the last one. Inc in last st.

Rows 6 – 14

1 sc in each st

Row 15

Repeat row 5

Rows 16 – 19

1 sc in each st

Row 20

Repeat Row 5

Rows 21 – 24

1 sc in each st

Row 25

Repeat row 5

Rows 26 – 34

1 sc in each st

Row 35

Repeat row 5

Rows 36 – 40 (36 – 42)

1 sc in each st.

*if you want the sleeve to be longer, here you can add more rows

Row 41 (S, M), 43 (L, XL)

1 dec, 1 sc in each st until you have 2 sts left, 1 dec.

Repeat this row for

S – 12 rows

M – 13 rows

L – 13 rows

XL – 14 rows

SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version

Repeat the pattern for the other sleeve.

Sew the sleeves with the body of the cardigan.

SnowDrop Cardigan

After completing this step we can work the collar.


Insert the yarn and hook in the first st of one front side. Make 1 sc in each st of the neck line (front panels and in the sts left on the back.

Repeat this row for as many rows as you want depending on how high you want the collar to be. I made 8 rows.

After finishing the collar the SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version is done.

Don’t forget to sew te buttons and the pockets inside.

SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version

You can purchase the add free, easy printable, instant download PDF version of this pattern here:

Hope you like it.

Bellow you will find the video tutorial with all the steps.

SnowDrop Cardigan Adult Version. Free Pattern & Video Tutorial






  1. Bernadette O'Connor

    Thank you so much. I made this for my grandaughter and loved it. I will now make one for myself. Thank you so very much for sharing your talents. Bernadette.

    • Bykaterina

      So glad you like it. Every positive comment about my designs give me good vibe to keep going. Thanks!

  2. I love love looooove all your designs. You’re really talented.

    Thank you so much for sharing your patterns with us. ❤️

    I’ve a question: I’m looking for a pattern for a round yoke sweater. Could you please help me?

    Thank you so much again.

    Best wishes,