I have so much left over T-shirt yarn or Recycled Cotton Yarn that I had to make these Slippers!

When I first started this Crochet Journey, I was making bags, rugs, baskets using Recycled Cotton Yarn. It was such a great feeling to make some cute stuff with a type of yarn which is 100% made from up cycled materials.

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You can download the FREE PDF Pattern from here (On Etsy is listed at 1 Euro)

There is also funny story behind these slippers.

We are not using slippers around the house at all, so no slippers in our home :). But during Winter Holidays we had some friends coming over and  I Knew it’s polite to have some slippers around the house, to make your guests feel more comfortable in case they want to use some.

Because around Christmas, everyone is buying slippers for gifts I think, I wasn’t able to find some proper sizes, so I have to get out my t-shirt yarn and make some pairs.

It was such a fun project, easy and  fast and  I said that this has to be shared.

So I really hope you will enjoy this pattern and you will try it. It’s perfect for beginners also so I encourage you to give it a try.

Let’s what is all about:

Materials you will need

  • Yarn
    • Any Super Bulky Recycled Cotton Yarn or Recycled Ribbon (or you can use more strands of thinner yarn to get to the needed thickness)
  • Needles

8 mm crochet hook

  • Yarn needle for assembling

Pattern notes

These slippers pattern is beginner friendly.

Features working in rounds, single crochet, Half double crochet and double crochet stitches.

Final measurements

This pattern is available in 3 EU sizes, 37 – 38, 39 – 40, 40 – 41 and is written in US terms.

The final measurements of the slipper sole for each size are:

37 – 38: 26 cm

39 – 40: 27 cm

40 – 41: 29 cm

How much yarn do you need?

These slippers can be made in one single color and you will need one single ball of Recycled Cotton for all sizes.

You can also use more strands of thinner yarn at ones to get to the needed thickness.

For the slipper in the image below I used 6 strands of fingering cotton yarn 😊 and it worked just perfect.

About the stitch pattern.

The sole is made using half double crochet and double crochet stitches. The bridge or the upper part of the slipper is made using single crochet stitches.

Abbreviations used in this pattern

  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Hdc – half double crochet
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • St(s) – stitch(es)


  • 12 dc = 10 cm (4”)



Make 4, 2 for each slipper.

Numbers for sizes, 39 – 40, 41 – 42 are written between brackets.

Round 1

Ch 17 (18, 20), in the 3rd st from the hook make 3 dc, 1 dc in next 13 (14, 16) sts, 6 dc in next, 1 dc in next 13 (14, 16), 3 dc in the last st. join with a sl st with first dc.

 Round 2

Ch 1, 2 hdc in next 3 sts, 1 hdc in next 8 (9, 11) sts, 1 dc in next 3, 2dc in next 10, 1 dc in nxt 3, 1 hdc in next 8 (9,11) sts, 2 hdc in last 3 sts. Join with a slip st with first hdc.

After you made 2 soles for each slipper we will join them , 2 by 2, one over the other, using slip stitches.

To join make 1 sl st in each st and make sure you insert the hook through both sides.

You can download the FREE PDF Pattern from here (On Etsy is listed at 1 Euro)

Bridge (Upper part of the slipper)

For all sizes

Ch 10+1

Row 1

Starting with second st, 1 sc in each st to the end of the row. Ch 1 and turn.

Rows 2 – 8

Repeat row 1.

To finish this part of the slipper, go around with one round in single crochet.


Using a yarn needle, sew the upper part of the slipper with the sole.

To Finish

Wave in all ends and sew them with some yarn and tapestry needle to secure them.

Repeat the same pattern for the second slipper and you have a pair of slipper to wear them around the house, or keep them for guests as I did 🙂

In case you are more a visual maker, there is a video tutorial as well. Just click the image below:

Learn how to crochet easy slippers



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