Can you imagine that is already the last day of February? Well I can now because is time for February 2019 most viewed pattern and I’m so excited with the one that win the title this month, because I love it so much.

So, February 2019 most viewed pattern was “Starry Night” Blouse and no wonder, because is a great design.

The colors of the yarn I used reminded me of Vincent van Gogh paintings, after just a few rows, but the name was suggested by @jane_love_knit, who commented on the first photo I posted that the colors reminds her of “Starry Night” painting of the artist and for me was just the perfect name for it.


"Starry Night" Blouse


Let’s see what is all about this “Starry Night” Blouse

About Design

When I first thank at this shape of blouse, I said that it will be a perfect garment project to try, for those of you who didn’t experiment this garments field of crocheting. Why? Because the main parts of the blouse are 2 triangle scarfs that are joined together and then  we will add 2 triangles to complete the edges and to make the bottom of the blouse straight.

When working at the triangle panel, at some point we will stop increasing at the beginning and at the end of the row, to make the ends of the sleeves straight. You can start with the straight edges when you get to the desired width (measuring from the neck to the end of the sleeve, depending on how long you want the sleeves to be ). Pay attention that working on the width you will also work on the length of the “Starry Night” Blouse. The  sleeves can be made longer by adding at the end a few rounds.

Materials you will need

  • Yarn

I used Lana Grossa Papaggallo. It’s 50% Cotton, 50% Microfiber and is a light weight, yarn. 1 Ball of yarn has 100 grams, 340 m/372 yds.

  • Crochet hook

4.5 mm crochet hook (US size 7)

  • Yarn Needle for sewing
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers

The pattern is available for sizes from S to 2X Large and is written in US terms and you can have today your pdf copy for FREE.

The pattern can be downloaded from Ravelry for free and no code is needed. The offer will end March 1st, 10 AM CET. Also you can buy this pattern, together with the January 2019 Most Viewed pattern, at half price. Paying one and you can have them both (Offer available only in my shop. Click here)

Starry Night Blouse

Regarding this pattern, I only received questions about yarn and yarn substitution. This type of yarn, Pappagallo, is a quite brand new yarn from Lana Grossa and maybe difficult to find. I know that the colors are everything on this Blouse, but I am sure that IT will look amazing in other colors as well.

The Yarn I used has in composition 50% Cotton and 50% Microfiber and is a DK, Light, Size 3 yarn.

You can use any other type of yarn with the same weight and the fiber can be cotton, or cotton with something (acrylic, nylon…). You can use even a size 2 yarn if you don’t mind working looser.

In fact, you can use any type of yarn if you are paying attention to the final measurements.  so, feel free to experiment, who knows maybe you will find a different type of yarn that it will work better.

Another suggestion, if you don’t find a printed yarn version that you like, you can work with 2 different colors or even more. Stripes are looking great on a ripple pattern so you can try to make a color combo with your favorites shades. Or, if you don’t like stripes too much, you can make the top part in one color and the bottom with another.

There are a lot of ways to make this design looking even more beautiful then the original.

Starry night blouse

So, don’t hesitate to much! Go on Ravelry and grab your free pdf copy and start making this beautiful blouse right away.

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  1. Debi Schuhow

    I can understand why it’s the most it’s viewed! It’s beautiful! Hopefully, the yarn you used will be available for awhile 🙂

  2. Louise MARMOITON

    Bonjour. J’adore ce modèle. Dommage il n’y a pas de tuto en français

  3. Louise Marmoiton

    Désolée. Il n’y a pas de tuto en français