Sea Breeze Cover Up

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This product is a PDF DIgital Crochet Pattern

Pattern Language – English

The original pattern was updated in June 2022 and now includes more sizes and crochet charts.

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• Yarn: Size 1 or 2, Fingering or Sport Weight yarn
• Crochet Hook:
o 3.5 mm crochet hook
• yarn needle for weaving in ends
• Scissors
• stitch markers


The Sea Breeze Cover-Up Dress has a top-down construction with a V pattern on the front and back panels. The dress is worked in the round, except when working front and back panels across the armholes.

The Sea Breeze Cover-Up Dress has a closer fit with no positive or negative ease.

The Sea Breeze Cover-Up Pattern is available in 9 sizes, from XS to 5X Large. The model is 168 cm tall, with an 86 cm Bust circumference, and wears a size XSmall.
The numbers are written below as follows: XS (S, M), (L, XL), (2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL); the US sizes 0/2 (4/6, 8/10), (12/14, 14/16W), (18/20W, 22/24W, 26/28W, 30/32W)
All the measurements use as reference Standard Body Measurements by ASTM International.
Final Measurements of the Sea Breeze Cover-Up
Neck to Bust Center a: 19cm (19, 20), (21, 22), (23, 25, 27, 30)
Armhole depth b: 12cm (14, 14), (16, 16), (17, 19, 21, 23)
Bust width c: 41cm (44, 46.5), (50, 53.5), (58.5, 63.5, 68.5, 73.5)
Length. d: 72cm (72, 72), (72, 72), (72, 72, 72, 72)

How much yarn do you need?
For the Sea Breeze Cover-Up, I used:
Hobbii Azalea in Color Berry Rose (07). Yarn composition: 52% cotton, 48% acrylic. One cake has 200 grams and 800 meters.
For bigger sizes, you can use a solid color in the same shade as the cake’s beginning or end. For the color I used, one suggestion is Hobbii Twister Solid in color Dark Denim (126)
Other yarn suggestions: Hobbii Twister, Scheepjes Whirl

For each size, you will need:

*785 (845, 890), (960, 1025) ,(1120, 1220, 1310, 1405) meters
For sizes S, M L, XL, XXL, and 3XL, you can use 1 variegated cake yarn and one cake solid. For sizes 4XL, 5XL you can use 2 cakes of variegated yarn


13 reviews for Sea Breeze Cover Up

  1. Barbara Arnold

    Nice looking pattern but on the first page it is advertised as a free pattern. thought I should let you know.

  2. Susan Johnson

    To Barbara Arnold – the pattern IS free on her blog. The one you are referring to is the ad-free pdf file which is also available for sale. This cover up is CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Thank you so much for sharing it! Already started on mine!

  3. Susan

    I’m trying to make this, but I’m confused on the forest row. When you get to the center stitch, you do 2 DBL crochet chain 3 two DBL crochet In the same stitch On the solid row, 1 DBL crochet can 3 1 DBL crochet on filet row. What does filet row mean?

    • Bykaterina

      The filet row is the row with the stitch pattern 1dc, ch 1, 1 dc

  4. Karen Frattarola

    I am having trouble with inc If I purchase the pattern online are the directions any more detailed?

    • Bykaterina

      Is the same pattern.But tell me what it is about and I will try to make it more clear.

  5. lindsey (verified owner)

    Katrina, can you tell me the measurements for each size please.?
    I have downloaded the pattern purchased (sea breeze cover up) from you, but it does not any guide to the sizes!
    Many thanks

    • Bykaterina

      S – 86, M – 96, L – 106, XL – 116, XXL – 126

      These, without stretching the work

      • lindsey rogers (verified owner)

        Thank Katrina, I can now start the pattern ?

  6. (verified owner)

    HI ya’ll. I’m a bit confused on the decrease round. Are you supposed to decrease on every row or just one then finish pattern and do another decrease. Also are you supposed to start the decrease on the 1dc ch1 1dc round?

    • Bykaterina

      you make the decrease at every row. Start the decrease on the row that is after the row you joined the back and front. It can be row in dc or row with 1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc.
      You can watch the video tutorial on little girl summer top. It will help you

  7. lindsey rogers (verified owner)

    I have this pattern. But nowhere does it give measurement ts for each size?
    Can you advise these measurements please.
    Thank you

    • Bykaterina

      Sorry for this issue. Bellow are the measurements for each size. I worked the pattern to fit standard measurement.

      On S for example I have 86 bust and 91 hips. The dress has 86 from top to bottom but without stretching.

      S – 86 cm, M – 96cm, L – 106cm, XL – 116cm, XXL – 126cm

      These, without stretching the work

  8. Catherine


  9. Chris Collamore (verified owner)

    I think this pattern is beautiful and I prefer to work from a printed pattern so I was fine with paying a reasonable amount ( around 5 euro) to purchase a pattern I could download. However when I went to PayPal to checkout it added another 24 Euro for shipping!!! Sadly I hit the pay button before that really registered so it was too late to undo it. I have no idea why there is ant shipping charge for a downloadable PDF pattern but it should definitely state that more clearly!!! Had I known that I would have worked from the free pattern on the blog!!!

    • Bykaterina

      Sorry for this inconvenient and unpleasant situation. It was an issue in my shop and I am so glad that you noticed me. I just refund you the amount and please let me know if is everything ok. Thank you!

  10. Lucy

    Can someone please point me in the direction of the blog? I had it but I seem to have lost it! I wanted to nosy through other patterns too

  11. Mariel

    Such a cute cover up! I’m super confused I just finished row 4 but don’t want to change my yarn. I watched the video but it looks like I have to cut the yarn even if I want to use the same colorway? Guess I’ll use a 2nd ball to verify size and that I’m actually making this correctly. Thanks for the pattern, hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out. 🙂

    • Bykaterina

      yes, you will have to work separately the back and front and the row is not starting in the middle back. So even if you are using same color you have to cut the yarn after round 4.

  12. Marion

    Hello, is the pattern only in English available, because my English is sleeping since school. 😇😂

    • Bykaterina

      I just received the one in Dutch. Hopefully by the end of the week I will post it here in my blog

  13. Nanette

    I love this pattern. I would have given 5 stars, but I am really confused on how to do the decreases. In the written instructions it says a decrease row is (1dc, skip 3 sts, 1 dc) But for the first decrease Row, it says to skip 4 sts. How many do you skip, 3 or 4? Do you skip 4 stitches on each side, or 4 sts all together (2 on each side)? I could not sleep last night trying to figure this out. I even dreamed about it!

    • Bykaterina

      I am so sorry for confusing you! I am working on updating this pattern because it’s such a great design, but the pattern lacks some important information. You need to skip 4 sts for decreases, and there will be 2 on each side.

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