Well, the Little Girl Summer Top was such a success, and because a lot of you asked for an adult size pattern, here is the Sea Breeze Cover-Up.

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You can purchase the easily printable pdf version of this pattern here.

This pattern is for sizes S, M,  L, XL, and XXL but you can use the tips from the Little Girl Summer Top and make it in bigger sizes if you want.

tips top de vara pentru fetite


  • Yarn weight Fingering 
  • Crochet hook
    • 4 mm (G size)


The final measurements for the bust circumference of the dress are

  • S – 86 cm,
  • M – 96cm,
  • L – 106cm,
  • XL – 116cm,
  • XXL – 126cm

I designed this pattern to fit the standard measurements of the bust.

These measurements are taken without stretching.

How Much Yarn do you need:

  • S – 160 grams / 760 m / 830 yds
  • M – 170 grams / 810 m / 880 yds
  • L – 194 grams / 920 m / 1000 yds


18 dc = 10 cm (4″)

8 rows = 10 cm (4″)


  • Ch – chain
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • St(s) – stitch(es)
  • Inc – increase ( 2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc in the same st on the solid row, 1 dc, ch 3, 1 dc on the filet st row)
  • Dec – decrease ( 1 dc, skip 3 sts, 1 dc)

We will work this Sea Breeze Cover Up from the neck to the bottom.


Start: 160 (180, 200, 220, 232) sts 

Mark the middle stitch and sl st to join the end of the chain with the beginning.

little girl summer top foundation chain

Row 1

Ch 2, 1 dc in the same stitch, 1 dc in each st to the center (the marked stitch). In the marked st 1 inc* (as I explained it above in the abbreviations section), 1 dc in each st until the last one.

In the last st make 2 dc, ch 3, 1 dc, and then sl st with the first dc.

little girl summer top first top

Row 2

Ch 4, [skip the next st, 1 dc, ch 1] – repeat to the center. In the 3 ch space from the center make one inc* but for the filet row as I explained above.

Continue with ch 1, 1 dc in the next st, ch 1, skip 1 st, 1 dc in the next. Repeat until the ch 3 space at the end of the row. Here in the chain 3 space, make 1 dc, ch 3, 1 dc, ch 1, and sl st with the 3rd st of the starting chain.

Row 3

Repeat row 2

Row 4 

Repeat row 1

After the first 4 rows, we will work the back and front separately to form the armhole.

Counting from the center point:

  • S – count 33 sts on the left and 33 on the right, also on the back and front side. Mark the st number 33
  • M – 37 sts
  • L –  40 sts
  • XL – 44 sts
  • XXL – 47 sts

little girl summer top

You can purchase the easily printable pdf version of this pattern here.

I let the pictures from the Little Girl Summer top as the procedure is the same, only that we work with more stitches.

For all sizes

Row 5 front side

Working on the right side, begin with the marked stitch and start your row in double crochet stitch.

Make 1 dc in each st to the center. Inc in the ch 3 space, 1 dc in each st to the second marked stitch. Ch 4 and turn.

Row 6 front side

Skip the next st, 1 dc in the next, ch 1, skip 1, 1 dc in the next. Repeat to the center point. 1 inc in the center.

Then continue with the stitch pattern to the end of the row.

Row 7 front side

Repeat row 6

Row 8 front side

Repeat row 5

Repeat the 4 rows until you have:

  • S – 15 rows in total
  • M – 16 rows
  • L – 18 rows
  • XL – 18 rows
  • XXL – 19 rows

Repeat the same with the backside.


Row 16 (17, 19, 19, 20)

At this row, we will join the back and front on the side edges and we will continue to work in rounds.

Begin your work on one side and make sure you are on the right side.

Work the row as normal until you get to the other side edge. Here join with the back.

Continue the row to the end and here join with the front side.

Row 17 (18, 20, 20, 21)

Slip st 2 sts, then start the row as normal. When you get to the side edge make a decrease ( skip 4 sts from the middle) continue with the stitch pattern to the end of the row.

At the end of the row decrease again, skip 4 sts then sl st.

Below you can find the stitch chart with the decrease on the sides

Sea Breeze Cover Up decrease chart

Continue working like this until you get to the desired length.


You can purchase the easily printable pdf version of this pattern here.

For S the Sea Breeze Cover Up has 70 cm length and I made 43 rows in total but is up to you how many rows you want to make depending on the desired length

I love it. This dress is my favorite until now. It’s easy, fast, and looking so great.

Below, you find the video tutorial for the Little Girl Summer top.

Follow the steps but begin with the number of sts that you need for the adult size of the dress.

Hope you will like this pattern too and don’t forget to enjoy crochet and everything that you make with passion.





  1. Hi. I need a small help. I loved your dress a lot. I made one for the 6 yr old. Now I want to make for the adults. How many stitches for the foundation chain for a xl and xxl dress? Also how many stitches from the carter point to count for xl and xxl dress. And how many rows for xl and xxl dress.
    Thank you and God bless you always

    • Bykaterina

      Just update the pattern with XL and XXL sizes. Thank you

  2. Hi katerina!
    Is there anywhere that I can see what sizes are measurements? I usually wear m/l tops and l/xl bottoms (sometimes 2s as I am a size 13/15 in jeans) and I am worried i will momentarily too big of the bottom too small 🙂

    • Bykaterina

      For M 96 cm / 38 “, L 116 cm / 42 “, XL 126 cm / 50 “. The measurements are without stratching and because is worked looser it will fit a larger bust. The dress is straight for top to bottom

  3. Rhodolyn Sullano Lemell

    Is there any video tutorial of this sea breeze cover up ?

    • Bykaterina

      for this no. Only for the Little Girl summer top. Is the same only the number of sts from the beginning and the number f rows for the arm hole.

  4. Hi there! Can you give any indication as to what the sizing comes out to in US sizes? Small=0/2 or 4/6 etc?
    Thank you!

    • Thank you for the quick response! Do you have a facebook page I can follow as well?

  5. Love this cover up! There are sooo many colors I’d love to make it in. How many strands did you use for the fringe and about how many inches? Thanks!

    • Bykaterina

      Thanks. The fringe are about 4 inches and I used 5 strands of yarn ( 10 after fold them in half)

  6. Betty Schafer

    I love this! Can you help me figure out which is the middle stitch? If I chain 200 for the L size and mark stitch 100 as the middle, I will have 99 chains on one side and 100 on the other.

    • Bykaterina

      you can point the middle at stitch 100

  7. Mary Heekin

    Which yarn did you use to get that beautiful ombre? I love the shades of blue but I’m not sure if it is all one yarn.

  8. Mary Grace

    I love this pattern and will definitely make it, but I can’t figure out which yarn you used. Was it all one yarn with an ombre color change or was it several different colors? If it was all one yarn could you specify which?

  9. What are the measurements for the sizes? Like for the bust?

    • Bykaterina

      S – 86, M – 96, L – 106, XL – 116, XXL – 126

      This without stretching the work

  10. Love this pattern and can’t wait to get started!! Can you tell me approximately how long/hours this makes up in…just curious, thanks!

    • Bykaterina

      I made it in one week, but working less then one hour/day

  11. I saw where you shared the brand of yarn. Did you use the blackberry mint chip? If not, which one? The cover-up is just beautiful!

    Thanks a bunch!


  12. This is an absolute beautiful pattern & yarn. I’m having difficulty at the (Row 17/18/20/20/21 Slip st 2 sts, then start the row as normal. When you get to the side edge make a decrease ( skip 3 sts from the middle) continue with the stitch pattern to the end of the row. At the end of the row decrease again, skip 3 sts then sl st.), especially on the filet part. I feel like I’m getting some bunching at the sides. Can you help clarify for me? Thanks so much

    • Tracy Campbell

      My mom is trying to make this for me and she’s having the same issues as Pamela. Could you please clarify?

      Thanks so much!


      • Bykaterina

        When you start a filet row, first sl 2 st at the beginning of the row. Then in the next side, count the decrease from the previous row as one single st. So, skip one dc before, and one after. When you get to the end of the round make the last dc in the stitch before the last and join with the 3rd stitch of the starting chain.

  13. Christina

    Hi Katerina!
    Thank you for this, it is so beautiful! I am making one for my self ind the same yarn now, and I am just about to start on the fifth row. But I don’t understand how you get the colorchange to be the same on both front and back? If I finish the front before the back, won’t the green have been used up, when I get to the back? I really don’t understand this! :p

    • Bykaterina

      I worked 2 rows on each side. You will have some ends to wave in but the color change will be pretty the same

      • Christina

        Uh okay! Thanks for Quick reply 🙂 can you join the rows after the hole for the arms are done, so I can crochet in rounds instead?

        • Bykaterina

          yes. work just after the arms are done. then join