This Wrap Me on Jacket is a chic crochet garment, perfect to take it at the office or on a walk. It will complete your outfit in a unique way.

The Wrap Me on Jacket was designed for Hobbii and you can download the FREE pdf pattern from here

Wrap Me On Jacket

About Design

The design of this Wrap Me on Jacket is very simple and you don’t have to be an experienced crocheter to make it. Is basically a bigger scarf with one sleeve at one end.  It’s worked from the bottom to the top, starting with the back side.

After a few rounds we will extend the length with some chain stitches to make the sleeve. Then we will continue to work the new number of stitches until we will finish the back side.

After finishing the back side we will continue to work the front side with sleeve and then after finishing the sleeve, we will continue to work the front panel. At the end we will sew the inner part of the sleeve and the side of the jacket and done.

Wrap Me On Jacket

For this project I used Wool Power Print from Hobbii in the colors Green/Violet/Blue/Whine Red.

Wrap Me On Jacket

The yarn is a size 5, Chunky and I used a 6 mm (US size J) crochet hook, so the Wrap Me on Jacket worked super fast.

I am so glad that I start working with Hobbii, because I have the chance to work with so many types of yarn that are simply gorgeous and many of them I know for sure that I would never had in mind to try.

You have to download this pattern and make this jacket, because is easy to make and it’s such a unique and fancy garment.

Wrap Me On Jacket

I used a simple stitch, V stitch and the pattern is available in 5 different sizes, from Small to 2X Large, but you can easily adjusted as you wish, by only adding more stitches if you wish that the scarf part to be longer, or more rows if you want to adjust the length.

This Wrap Me On Jacket will be perfect for spring when the weather is warmer, but you still need something to “Wrap You On” .

If you wanted more functional, you can add also a pocket on the Jacket side.

In the pattern you will also find the diagram with final measurements which will help you to choose the perfect size for you. You can also use those measurements if you want to use a thinner yarn or to work this Wrap Me on Jacket with different stitch.

Wrap Me On Jacket

But enough talking, go grab your copy now and you will have another Crochet project to make and be proud of.

Here is the link where you can download the FREE Pdf Pattern

Wrap Me On Jacket. Free pdf download


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