plaid summer sweater


Even if it’s summer you will need this Plaid Summer Sweater in your wardrobe for those cold evenings or for those cold days.

And why not have it? It’s so light and also chic and I would say just perfect ???

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You can Purchase the easy printable PDF version of this pattern here:

I love it and I just have the feeling that I am saying that about all my patterns ??.

This pattern is for sizes from S to XXL. We will work each square individual and we will join them as we go.

We will make the plaid summer sweater bigger just by adding more stitches on the square.

I used Scheepjes SoftFun. Is a DK Yarn, a mix of cotton and acrylic. The recommended size hook is 3.5 – 4 mm ( E – G ) and I used a 4.5 mm crochet hook ( size 7 US).

Here you can find some other yarn suggestions

You will approximate need:

  • S – 300 grams / 840 m / 915 yds
  • M – 325 grams / 910 m / 990 yds
  • L – 350 grams / 970 m / 1050 yds
  • XL – 370 grams / 1030 m / 1120 yds
  • XXL – 400 grams / 1100 m / 1200 yds

This is in total but you will need to split this values in 2 and choose 2 color that you like.

From Scheepjes SoftFun I used Mint Green and Dark Grey.

Final measurements of the sweater

  • S – Bust 92 cm ( 36.5 “), Length 58 cm ( 23 “)
  • M – Bust 104 cm ( 41 “) , Length 65 cm (25.5 “)
  • L – Bust 112 cm (44 “), Length 70 cm ( 27.5 “)
  • XL – Bust 124 cm ( 49″), Length 62 cm ( 24.5 “) or 77 cm (30 “)
  • XXL – Bust 132 cm (52″), Length 66 cm (26 “) or 82 cm (32,5 “)


20 st = 11.5 cm ( 4.5″) ( filet stitch: 1 dc, ch 1, skip 1)

10 rows = 11.5 cm ( 4.5″)

With each bigger size the square will be bigger. So, the pattern is the same for all sizes.

  • S – 20 sts + 3 and 10 rows
  • M – 22 sts +3 and 11 rows
  • L – 24 sts +3 and 12 rows
  • XL – 26 sts +3 and 13 rows
  • XXL – 28 sts + 3 and 14 rows

We will use Filet Stitch:

Ch 4, skip 1st st, 1 dc in the next, [ch 1, skip 1, 1 dc] and repeat the section in [ ] to the end of the row. Repeat this row as pattern requires.

We will work 2 identical panels for back side and front side.

I guess, with all this being said we can start the this Plaid Summer Sweater.

Begin by making the first square according with the size in which you want to make this Plaid Summer Sweater.

Plaid summer sweater square 1

Row 1 of squares

After making the 1 st square, change the color and we will begin to work square 2, but not on the top of the square as normal but on the side.

We will adding squares on the right until we get to the width that we need.

For all sizes we will have in total 4 squares. Remember that for each size the square has different measurements.

After finishing square #2 we will add in the same manner 2 more.

plaid summer sweater row 1

Well here is a sketch of the row 1.

Row 2 of squares

As you saw we alternate the colors with each square.

To begin the row 2, change the color and make the 1st square of the second row on the top of the last one made on the previous row.

Plaid summer sweater row 2

Now beginning with square #2 of the second row we will start to join the squares with the correspondent square of the previous row.

Is important from now on to begin each of the next 3 squares on right side of your work, because the join with the other row will look better in this way.

To be easy to understand how we will work this 2nd row here is the sketch.

plaid summer sweater row 2

You can Purchase the easy printable PDF version of this pattern here:

So, the second square will start in the opposite corner where the yarn is after finishing the square #1.

Beginning with square #2, at the end of each row we will join with the correspondent row of the square on the previous row.

In general this will be the 2 situation of joining.

plaid summer sweater joining squares

On second row we have the first situation.

So, at the end of the row, ch 1, sl st with the last dc of the correspondent row of the square on the previous row, ch 2, sl st with the last dc of the next row of the previous square, ch 1 and turn.

Continue with the stitch to the end of the row.

With the square #3 and #4 you will proceed the same as #2.

Plaid summer sweater row 2

Row 3 of squares

As we made on the 2nd row, we will change color and make the first square on the top of the last one.

Now as I said, is important to join the squares on the right side of your work.

So, on row 3 we will work the squares 2 to 4 on the top of the ones made on previous row, and join them with the squares worked before on the current row.

Here is the sketch

plaid summer sweater row 3

Row 4 it will be the same as row 2. And row 5 the same as row 3.

As I said the bigger the square is the bigger the size. That’s why for sizes XL and XXL  I let 2 measurements of length.

You will choose if you want to work 4 or 5 rows on these sizes.

After finishing all 4 or 5 rows, one panel is done and we will have to proceed the same in the second one.

Now that we have the 2 panels is time to assemble.

plaid summer sweater panel

Sew on the shoulders the width of one square on each side.

Let 1 square and a half for the arm hole and sew the side edges.


I worked the sleeves, one with a color and one with the other.

We will work in rounds.

Insert the yarn into the stitch at the armpit.

Chain 4 and make the filet stitch all over the arm hole edge.

At the end of the round sl st with the 3rd stitch of the starting chain.

Repeat this row for as many rows as you want until you get to the desired length of the sleeve.

I made 26 rows and then I added a border of 2 rounds in single crochet made with the other color.

Repeat the same with the other sleeve.

At the end I added 1 row in single crochet on the collar and 2 rows in sc on the bottom.

And this was it.

Plaid summer sweater

You can Purchase the easy printable PDF version of this pattern here:


I found this pattern fun to make and also easy, but what I enjoyed the most is because is different. Hope you will like it and give it a try.

Bellow you will find the video tutorial.