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This chainless foundation is such a great idea, but how about the Ripple foundation double crochet?

Is so annoying if you want to make a ripple afghan, to count stitches for the foundation chain, then on first row to count again for the ripple. And is more frustrating when you find out at the end that you need more stitches.

Let’s learn to make the Ripple foundation double crochet and you will need less counting for your projects, plus other benefits.

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Ripple foundation double crochetThis foundation stitch is an extension of foundation double crochet. If you don’t know how to make the foundation double crochet click here for the tutorial.

This Ripple foundation double crochet works for every ripple pattern. All you have to do is to figure it out how many stitches you have to make for the straight side.

In this instructions and tutorial I am using a 20+2 ripple pattern.

Abbreviations used in this instructions:

  • Ch – chain
  • St(s) – stitch(es)
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Fdc – foundation double crochet

To begin chain 3. This will count as first “+2” st. In the 3rd st from the hook make the first Fdc. This will be the second +2 st.

*Continue making 8 Fdc, the straight side of the ripple. Now is time to increase, making the “pick” of our ripple.

Make 1 Fdc, then in the same st where you made this Fdc, make 2 more regular Dc. This is the pick.

Now continue with the straight side making 8 Fdc.

Is time to decrease and make the “valley”. We will do this with 3 Fdc cluster:

Yarn over insert the hook in the st, yarn over and pull out a loop. Yarn over and pull Yarn trough the first loop, yarn over and pull yarn trough first 2 loops. You have 2 loops on your hook. Repeat 2 more times. After the 3 partial Fdc you will have 4 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull the yarn trough all 4 loops. You now have the “valley”.

Repeat from * until you get the desired length of your project.

ripple foundation double crochet

Now, as you know, when you work with a ripple pattern you have to decrease at the end and at the beginning of the row to keep straight edges.

So let’s see how we end the row.

After you made the last 8 Fdc of your last straight side of your Ripple foundation double crochet, make 2 Fdc cluster. Is the same procedure as for the valley only that you will make 2 Fdc.

Then ch 2 and turn. At the beginning of the row skip 1 stitch to make the decrease and continue as normal.

And this is it. Now your Ripple foundation double crochet is more flexible, not so tight as the regular foundation chain. Plus we know from the beginning what will be the actually length of our project.

With all this being said, I hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful. Bellow you will find the video tutorial also.

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And don’t forget to save this for later, maybe someday you will need it.

ripple foundation double crochet