Pistachio Amid Rocks Jacket. Pdf Pattern


This Pistachio Amid Rocks Jacket has a simple construction. We are starting working the back panel, then continuing with front panels and then adding the sleeves.

This Jacket has a closer fir, with o positive ease of 3 cm. If you want it a bit larger, just add more stitches on the back panel.

It’s worked almost in one single piece and at the end you will have to sew or to join just the sides, starting with bottom sleeve and ending to the hem side.

An edging is added at the end, all around the jacket, starting from the middle back, front panel bottom, front panel side, neck line, opposite side front panel, opposite side front panel bottom and finishing with the rest of the back. This will be one single edging round and we will make 4 of this or as many as you wish.


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