Crochet Pattern//Old Curtains Rug


This Old Curtains Rug is an upcycle project. A way of make something new from things that you are not using anymore
This pattern, requires techniques like linen stitch or moss stitch and single crochet in the round.

The final measurements of the rug really depends on how much fabric do you have.
The rug I made is 75 cm wide and approximate 100 cm long.

I used for this rug 5 cotton and polyester curtains of 120 cm wide and 250 cm long. The fabric is not that thick and you can see through it.
Fold the curtain and using good scissors cut 4 cm stripes.
Then take each stripe and join them one by one, by making a knot.

The rug has 75 cm wide and 100 cm long and I used about 265 meters of fabric yarn.
For the border I used 1 skein of Furry yarn


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