toddler sweater


Autumn is one of my favorite season. I love the weather and the colors. And talking about weather in autumn is perfect time for gorgeous sweaters.

I stared the season by making for my daughter a sweet and easy crocheted hoodie sweater and can’t waited to finish it and share with you how I made it.

For a 1 and a half – 2 years old, I used approx 300 grams of Stylecraft special DK. Is 4 mm yarn but I use an 3 mm needle. Also you will need some another color yarn for the bunny, yarn needle for sewing and scissors.

For the bunny I used the pattern bellow


Chain 61 stitches.

First row

Beginning with second chain stitch, start single crochet all over the row. Continue like this for 52 more rows. You can also measure with another sweater or t-shirt and just make as many rows as you need for the proper size.

Beginning with row 53, I started decrease (2 sc together) at the beginning and at the end of each row. I made the decrease for 10 rows.

From row 62 continue with single crochet 14 more rows.


For the back fallow the same pattern as for the front part.


Chain 31

Single crochet for 10 rows, then at row 11 make an increase at the beginning and at the end of the row.

After the increase single crochet for another 10 rows then make another increase. Single crochet for another 10 rows then make another increase. 10 more rows in single crochet then you will start decreasing.

I made a decrease at the beginning and at the end for the next 14 rows.

For the second sleeve fallow the same pattern.

Now is time to sew al the parts together. First sew back and front. On the neck area just sew 10 stitches each side ( left and right). After you finished putting together all parts is time for the hoodie.

Point 2 middle stitches on the front part. Insert yarn in one of them and start single crochet in each stitch all over the neck area since you will reach the second middle stitch. Continue single crochet for as many rows as you want, until you reach the desire length of the hoodie. I made 50 rows.

That’s it. You have now a gorgeous sweater for your son or daughter.

This is mine :)).

Hope you will try it because is easy to make and so cute. Stay in touch because another projects are coming.

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