This post is for new hookers and not only. Very often we found some things as being ordinary and we forget that for some of us might be useful.

That’s why, even most of you know this trick, today we’ll gone learn how to make an invisible join when we work in circle.

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Most of tutorials told us to consider the beginning chain as a stitch, but not in this case. We will ignore completely the “chain 2” from the beginning of the row.

After finishing one row,  join it with the beginning with a slip stitch, but not in the second chain of the beginning chain, but with the first stitch that we’ve made. Then chain 2 as usual and start the new row, but make the first stitch in the same stitch of the beginning chain. Remember the chain 2 doesn’t count as a stitch, so if you have to make an increase you will make 2 stitches beside chain 2.

Seems more difficult in words, that’s why you will find a video bellow with a short tutorial.

If you find this tutorial useful, save it for later.


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