Well we are almost at the and of the year, and here I am writing about this amazing project of mine and about how all started.

This is for you guys, my followers, that I never thought that I will have some, but after just 4 months you are here with me and this is the most important thing.

I will tell you something about my self just to know me better. My name is Catalina even if you know me as Katerina. Actually Katerina is a nickname that my husband gave me long time ago. I am a Romanian leaving in Nederlands and a full-time job mom.

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Me and my daughter

We came to Nederlands when my daughter had only 5 months, after my husband received a job offer here. After almost a year living apart (me being pregnant and after that with a baby and alone) we decided to move in to Nederlands. A lot of changes in my life: first the baby, then leaving my family friends, job and starting a new life here. It wasn’t easy, so I had to do something to keep my mind clear and avoid depression and here I am crocheting. It was a great way to manage all the changes and might sound odd but I recommend crochet as a therapy.

Before crocheting I started doing different things: rugs, paper ornaments and then I found the t-shirt yarn and started to make handbags. At some point I realised that crochet is such a big craft area with so many ideas and projects and I started making different things for my daughter.

After posting the items on some Facebook groups I realised that my work were appreciated and I received a lot of questions on how I made it. That was the moment when the idea having a blog where posting the patterns came out and it was such a good thing.

First sweater I made for my daughter

Finnaly I have something mine and is like my second child and with love and passionΒ I make it grow every day.

This wouldn’t be possible without you, and for this I want to thank you, for being there supporting me.

I have a lot of ideas and projects coming up so I hope I won’t disappoint you.

I wish you all the best and to have a Happy Merry Christmas with all people who you love and a very Happy New Year!

With love, Katerina


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